A box of Belachi Healthy WhiteWhat We Like

As far as teeth whitening products go, this one from Belachi is definitely high on our list and high on the list of many other reviewers. This product has gotten excellent marks across the board from many different people, and it really seems to get the job done for just about everyone.

Our favorite things about Belachi Healthy White Teeth whitening strips are that it is easy to use, sticks very well to the teeth, you’ll receive a refund if you are unhappy with the product after testing it out for two weeks, they are good for sensitive teeth, and they absolutely have the ability to brighten your smile in as little as a few days.

This powerful formula begins working very quickly, and even if you are really impatient, you’ll start to notice your teeth whitening within seven days or less. At least that is what many of the reviewers have said about this great product, and we personally had the same experience.

What We Didn’t Like

Although many people had very positive things to say, one reviewer was a little bit confused about how to use the product. They were concerned because they do not clearly mark which strip is for the top row of your teeth and which strip is for the bottom row of teeth. For the most part, most people were able to figure this out without needing further instructions. But we did want to mention it since one reviewer did find this slightly challenging.

Our Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Well, you have probably figured out that we definitely feel that this product is worth every penny. Not only is it incredibly inexpensive and quite cost-effective, it is a powerful product that really helps to eliminate the brown and yellow stains while making your teeth much whiter.

$18.87 on Amazon at the time of reviewing

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Full Review of Belachi Healthy White Teeth

Moving on, we will now perform a more thorough review of the product so that you can have a much better understanding as to why customers are having such a positive experience when using Belachi Pro Strength.

How Do Belachi Perform?

In many instances, performance is subjective for the individual user. But the good thing is that there are so many positive reviews on the Internet that it starts to get overwhelming. And since these reviews come from product users just like you, it’s quite obvious that this teeth whitening product really does work.

One reviewer talks about putting the teeth whitening strips on for a mere four days for one hour a day and is already seeing positive results. And the best part is that the reviewer was not worried about her sensitive gums experiencing pain like they would normally feel with many of the other teeth whitening products available today. She did not experience any pain at all, which is good because many of the teeth whitening products hurt people with sensitive teeth and gums, but not this one.

Are They Comfortable?

In regards to comfort, we are happy to tell you that many users do not experience any discomfort whatsoever when using Belachi Healthy White Teeth Professional Strength.

As a matter of fact, since these teeth whitening strips are so good as far as sensitive teeth and gums are concerned, you can expect to have an altogether pleasant experience. You will not experience any pain at all. You will not experience any discomfort at all. And the strips fit very well and stay on your teeth without sliding around, so there’s no need to worry about discomfort due to slippage since that doesn’t seem to happen for anyone.

What Are the Main Ingredients?

As you can imagine, the main active ingredient in this teeth whitening product is very similar to the main ingredient in others. What ingredient are we talking about? Where talking about hydrogen peroxide.

The full ingredients list contains: 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, Menthol, Carbomer, EDTA, CMC, Sodium hydroxide and Glycerol.

How Does the Belachi Strips Work?

This product works beautifully, and it is very similar to many of the other teeth whitening products that are available on the market today.
Simply put, in order to get the best possible results, it is recommended that you leave on the teeth whitening strips for one to two hours a day, and you only have to do this once a day.

This product employs a new type of technology that allows the strips to stay directly on your teeth without experiencing loads of movement. So if you are drinking water or talking, you do not have to worry about the strips slipping off and making it difficult for you to do what you need to do with your mouth.

As far as how the product works goes, we’re not going to provide step-by-step instructions in this article. But it is good to know that there is a four step instructional sheet available for you to use right in the package. This takes away any potential complications and makes it simple for you to discover how to take full advantage of this wonderful teeth whitening product.


To sum it up:

  • easy to use
  • comes with four step instruction sheet in the box
  • perfect for those suffering from sensitive teeth and gums
  • use only once a day
  • use for one to two hours a day
  • excellent teeth whitener
  • many positive customer reviews/few negative reviews

If you’re finally ready to have beautiful bright white teeth, then we highly recommend trying Belachi Pro Strength to experience the awesome results for yourself.

$18.87 on Amazon at the time of reviewing

Please check Amazon for current price

Check on Amazon

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