A Box of Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects

What We like:

This unique offering is really special because it combines two powerful Crest products, and when used together, they deliver the ultimate experience. Most people love it because they only have to invest as little as one hour a day in order to have gorgeous white teeth. Still others love it because when they are through, it really looks like they received professional whitening directly from the dentist. We love it because of all of that and so much more, and we will provide all of the reasons why we think it is so great throughout the rest of this review.

What We Don’t like:

One recurring theme that we have noticed among many reviewers is that they felt the product was a little too much on the expensive side. We understand that you are looking for a low-cost solution to whiten your teeth. Remember, professional tooth whitening from the dentist is going to cost a minimum of $500, but likely even more. We feel that the cost for this project is negligible at best, and the results speak for themselves. You will have brighter and whiter teeth after using the product for the duration of your 22 day supply. Don’t give up too early and don’t expect to have perfectly white teeth after trying the product once. Be patient, follow the directions and give it time to work.

Our Overall Feelings:

Overall, we really feel that Luxe Professional Effects +1 Hour Express is an awesome product that will have your teeth looking white and attractive in no time at all. We have experienced the results ourselves, and after reading hundreds of reviews online, we can tell you that so many others have had an incredible experience using this product. We offer our highest recommendation to anyone considering using this product, and we are not alone. It is highly endorsed by many online reviewers such as us.

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Now we have reached the review portion of the program. We will share with you, in great detail, precisely why this product will provide serious teeth whitening benefits. We want you fully armed with all the information needed to discover if this is the ideal teeth whitening system for you.

Take a look.

How Do They Perform?

As far as performance goes, we are happy to tell you that this teeth whitening product absolutely gets the job done and it is worth every penny.

Our favorite thing about Luxe Pro Effects +1 Hour Express is that it really doesn’t require too much of your time in order to work its magic. Simply put, you only need to invest one hour a day to have white teeth. But it’s not like you have to sit there for an hour waiting for the solution to kick in. On the contrary, you can eat, talk and go about your day while wearing these whitening strips. And after a while, as your supply begins to run out, you will notice a shiny glow when you look at your teeth in the mirror.

Be prepared to receive many compliments from your friends and loved ones. Your teeth are going to look gorgeous, and those brown and yellow cigarette and coffee stains are soon to become a thing of the past.

Are They Comfortable to Use?

In all honesty, we were perfectly content and comfortable when we used Crest 3D White Luxe Pro Effects +1 Hour Express Whitestrips to take care of our teeth whitening needs. They did not slip or slide off while talking or eating. And even better, nobody could even tell that we were wearing them as we went about our day.

After reading many online reviews, we can safely say that very few people complained about the way that these white strips felt. Someone always has a complaint about something, and this is inevitable, but the majority of the reviews that we read were very positive. Comfort seems to be the norm for most people when it comes to wearing these white strips.

Key Ingredient

Even though this product contains multiple ingredients, at the end of the day, there’s only one ingredient that really matters the most. The name of the ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. It’s beneficial in a number of ways, but mostly it has the ability to dig down deep and remove stains from your teeth that are tough to get at with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste.

Forget about brown and yellow stains on your teeth. They are soon to become a thing of the past. By using these whitening strips combined with hydrogen peroxide stain fighting power, you are finally on the road to bright white teeth. Success is inevitable, and when you look in the mirror you’ll be happy with what you see when all is said and done.

How Do They Work?

This product is incredibly effective and it works in a very specific way in order to achieve maximum teeth whitening health. It’s quite easy to do as well. Simply put, the main requirement is to place the whitening strips on the upper and lower rows of your teeth. Leave the strips in place for a maximum of one hour a day and go about your daily business. You can eat while wearing the strips. You can drink water while wearing them. And even more important, you can easily talk and communicate with friends and coworkers and nobody will even be the wiser. Just follow the instructions on the package and you’ll have bright, gorgeous teeth quicker than you might think.


The main conclusions to discover about Luxe Pro Effects +1 Hour Express are:

  • use just one hour a day to brighten your teeth
  • powerful formula removes all stains, even the ones that have been on your teeth for 14 years
  • a gentle formula for sensitive teeth
  • many positive online customer reviews
  • easy-to-use product
  • 22 day supply
  • one hour teeth brightening is quick and painless

It’s time to finally change your future. To have attractive and stain free teeth, please try them out as soon as possible.

$43.99 on Amazon at the time of reviewing

Please check Amazon for current price

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