A pack of Orax Pearlguard Professional High Grade

What We like:

We are happy to report that there is a lot to love about Orax PearlGuard Professional whitening strips. And since we have taken it upon ourselves to keep the public fully informed, we will do our best to tell you why this is such an excellent product throughout this review. But for now, in order to briefly summarize, we want you to understand that these whitening strips are great because:

  • They are free of peroxide – the formula is based on sodium chlorite. Many people feel this is a better formulation because it helps to protect the teeth and gums and is helpful for those with sensitive teeth.
  • They are safe on tooth enamel – this excellent product helps to clean teeth under the enamel by using nano oxygen bubbles, but it does not destroy the enamel like other teeth whitening products have a tendency to do.
  • They provide fast results – most people are looking to see immediate results when they use teeth whitening products of this type. The good thing about this particular brand is that you’ll notice a real difference after the first time using the product. And after 14 days you’ll notice a tremendous difference.
  • They offer a guaranteed refund – Orax PearlGuard truly believes in their whitening strips, and because they are so confident that their product can help you, they are willing to offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed refunds to those that are dissatisfied with the product by any means. Most people have an excellent experience using this teeth whitening product, and they are confident that you will have a fantastic experience too.

Clearly, there’s a lot to love about Orax PearlGuard Pro whitening strips.

What We Didn’t like:

Now we’ve reached the portion of this review where we have to discuss a few things that some people didn’t like about the product. As of right now, there aren’t many, so we should look at the two things that we’ve unfortunately read the most complaints about.

They are:

  1. White strips do not stick to your teeth – unfortunately, one reviewer had a complaint about the stick-ability of this brand of white strips. When compared to other strips, they felt that these did not stick to their teeth as good as some other options. All in all, this is not a complaint that is pervasive throughout many reviews. In fact, we only read this one time and did not experience this problem ourselves.
  2. You have to wear these white strips for an hour – this is a problem for a number of reviewers, and rightfully so. There are many whitening strips products on the market today that only require the person wear them for 15 to 30 minutes. This brand requires that the user wear them for one hour at a minimum each time. Now you may feel that it’s excessive, but if you want white teeth, this is what you need to do when using this particular product. The white strips definitely work, so follow the directions and achieve the gorgeous white teeth that you are hoping to have when all is said and done.
Our Overall Feelings:

At the end of the day, we are happy to recommend PearlGuard Pro to anyone interested in having beautiful, bright white teeth. This product works amazingly well, and it can penetrate under your tooth enamel to really clean the stains and turn your teeth a beautiful pearly white once again.

The best we can tell you is to give this product to try to see if it works for you. When compared to other whitening strips, this product only costs around $25 and it is incredibly inexpensive and it definitely works.

$25.99 on Amazon at the time of reviewing

Please check Amazon for current price (28 strips)

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Our Full Review of Orax PearlGuard Pro whitening strips

Now that you have an idea of what this product can do for you, we would like to provide even more detail so that you can have an even better understanding.

Let’s dive in without further interruption.

How Do They Perform?

The beauty of this particular whitening strip is that it is made with sodium chlorite instead of hydrogen peroxide.

Why is this a good thing?

To put it bluntly, sodium chlorite is a much gentler ingredient for the teeth. But it still has the ability to penetrate under the tooth enamel and thoroughly clean teeth and remove unwanted stains.

Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, is very painful for those who suffer from sensitive teeth. They often experience a great deal of pain for 24 hours or more after using teeth whitening products with hydrogen peroxide.

The Orax PearlGuard strips are definitely up to the task of whitening teeth. After using this product just once, you will immediately notice that your teeth are now a lot lighter than they were when you first started.

Are They Comfortable to Wear?

Honestly, we have not heard many complaints about the comfort level when wearing these whitening strips. One reviewer complained that they didn’t stick to their teeth, but other than that we haven’t heard anything negative about the comfort level.

Main Ingredient

Sodium chlorite is the main ingredient in this teeth whitening product. This is an excellent ingredient because it helps to keep tooth enamel safe and also provides an excellent alternative for those looking to whiten their teeth using products without hydrogen peroxide.

How Do They Work?

All in all, this product works like any other teeth whitening strips. But the only major difference is that you are required to wear these whitening strips for one hour a day as opposed to the half an hour that hydrogen peroxide-based strips require.

How To Use Orax Whitening Strips

The Wrap-up

Personally, we are big fans of Orax PearlGuard Pro whitening strips.

Why are we such big fans? That’s easy to answer:

  • Fast acting – you’ll notice immediately results after using these whitening strips just once.
  • Hydrogen peroxide free – the main ingredient in this formula is sodium chlorite, which is gentle on sensitive teeth and helps to preserve tooth enamel unlike hydrogen peroxide.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – the company is so confident that you will have a wonderful experience using their product that they are willing to provide 100% of your money back if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Give Orax PearlGuard Peroxide Free whitening strips a try right now.

$25.99 on Amazon at the time of reviewing

Please check Amazon for current price (28 strips)

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